50 Cent’s Security Team Accused Of Pistol Whipping Jeweler And Stealing $250K Chain

50 Cent

50 Cent’s name is being circulated in a not so good way. His security team is being accused of pistol whipping a jeweler and jacking him for a $250k chain. Peep Game

Via TheYBF:

Robert Martin

So….the fella above (Robert Marin, owner of LAX Jewelry, posing with Bishop Don Juan) claims member’s of 50 Cent’s crew jumped him during the Mayweather v Pacquiao fight weekend in Vegas, stealing a Rolex and neck chain worth $250,000 – and they pistol whipped him too…allegedly.  Mind you….he never implicates 50 Cent….but he does blame people associated with him. We’ll explain…

Robert claims was in Vegas for the fight when he met 50 Cent at Drai’s nightclub in The Cromwell hotel on Friday night, after his concert. He says they partied until Saturday morning before he was invited to see Floyd Mayweather’s private gym ahead of the fight that night. He claims that once inside the gym, the entourage pistol whipped him in the back of the head and stole the watch and chain.

Scott Leemon, 50’s lawyer told TMZ: ‘On behalf of 50, I can adamantly deny that he or his security had anything to do with these baseless and false allegations.’  

We can tell you that Robert has filed a robbery report and Vegas cops are investigating.

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