Bill Cosby Plans On Resuming Career After Sexual Assault Case

Bill Cosby wave

Bill Cosby is already making plans on resuming his career after the sexual assault case is wrapped up. Peep Game

Because Bill Cosby expects to be cleared of sexual assault charges, he is reportedly planning to resume his career after the case is over.

Attorney Angela Agrusa argued in the defamation lawsuit that has been filed against the disgraced comedian by several women, who accused him of sexual assault, that Cosby’s financial records and the records of his compensation for his performances should be sealed. However, the women filing suit against him argue that he will never work in the entertainment industry again and therefore will not be hurt by sharing that information.

“When Mr. Cosby is cleared from all liability and charges … he expects to resume his career, and there is no reason to believe otherwise,” Argrusa wrote. “But disclosure of this type of financial and business information is irreversible. Even after his name is cleared, if released to the public, this information would improperly restrain his employment and tie his hands for renegotiation.”

Cosby’s professional reputation has taken a nosedive since about 50 women came forward to accuse him of rape or sexual assault, ruining his image as America’s Dad. While the statute of limitations has passed on many of these cases, he is facing several defamation lawsuits by women who claim he defamed them when he said their allegations were baseless.


Mediaoutrage– Mr. Cosby please don’t make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse.