Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Georgia

Roosevelt Champion

Yet another Black man was found hanging from a tree in Georgia. This is the second hanging of a black man in the past two months. Racism never died and neither did the hateful white folks that love to participate in this kind of wickedness. 


A black man recently questioned in the death of a white woman was found hanging from a tree in rural Georgia Monday morning, launching an investigation by local and state authorities, according to local reports.

The body, identified as 43-year-old Roosevelt Champion III, was discovered in a backyard by a resident in Greensboro, between Atlanta and Augusta, around 11 a.m., police told NBC News.

Authorities have thus far said that there is nothing to immediately suggest foul play.

Greensboro Police Chief Ossie Mapp, describing Champion’s location, said he did not live at the address.

His body was described as suspended by a plastic strap, one similar to those used to secure cargo on vehicles’ roofs. There were no visible signs of wounds to his body and his feet were described as just scraping the ground.

The death investigation has since been handed over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Mediaoutrage– We’re trying to figure out what Black person in America would HANG themselves from a tree, given the dark history in this country……