Celebrities Who Love To Gamble

Michael Jordan Gamble3

Some celebrities really love to play casino games. For them it’s a high that cannot be substituted with other vices. We’re going to take a look at a few stars that love making their rounds to the casinos and piling it on heavy, win, lose, or draw.

For some gambling is an addiction that could be judged as unhealthy but in certain cases is it really? If you’re Michael Jordan for instance and you have a net worth of $1 Billion is it really a negative to gamble a couple of million a year when you’re sure to bank $90 million off of Jordan Brand sales? We think not, but in 1993 when Michael Jordan was enjoying his meteoric rise to unprecedented success, with the Chicago Bulls, and teetering on completing his first 3-peat, the media was busy attacking the sports icon for taking multiple trips to Atlantic City during a seven-game-series with the physical and feisty New York Knicks.

Michael Jordan knicks

Most sports fans who are also Jordan fans remember when a so-called-friend wrote a book curtailing MJ’s gambling problem which seemed at the time to border on addiction. Needless to say Jordan was not happy with his associates’ decision to turn his private gambling activities into public knowledge for profit.

The NBA held an investigation into Jordan’s off-court-gambling but never went much further into it than that, and why would they turn the game’s biggest star against them? Jordan might have gambled away millions at his own leisure ,but was still solely responsible for placing the NBA on a global stage and making them billions of dollars in the process.