College Athlete Suspended After Telling Black Opponent ‘At Least I Know My Dad’

An Appalachian Tennis player was suspended after making a racist remark to an opponent.

College Athlete Suspended For Telling Black Player ‘At Least I Know My Dad’

Via SandraRose:

Appalachian State University officials have apologized for derogatory statements made by a white male tennis player during a tennis match against a black opponent at a HBCU.

College officials issued the apology on Monday after John Wilson, the black player, complained on Twitter.com about offensive racist statements made by Spencer Brown, who’s white.

Wilson tweeted that Brown told him, “at least I know my dad”. The tweet included a photo of Brown, according to the NY Daily News.

Brown was suspended indefinitely after Sunday’s match with North Carolina A&T State University, a historically black college.

Wilson is A&T’s senior class president.

A spokeswoman for Appalachian State said there would be no other statement from the school.