‘Empire’ Delivers Stellar Ratings In Season 2 Premiere

Empire b

All eyes were on Fox’s hit show ‘Empire’ last night. The season two premiere brought the ratings and star appearances. Peep Game

Via Hollywoodreporter:

The one-hour episode easily outperformed everything else on TV last night — and this week, if you exclude football — with an average 6.5 rating among adults 18-49 and 16 million viewers. Compared to previous episodes, that’s only eclipsed by the March finale as the highest-rated ever. It’s a much-needed dose of good news for Fox. The No. 4 network followed Sunday’s all-time low Emmy ratings with a soft premiere for Minority Report and a disappointing start for Scream Queens.

Advertisers are betting big on Empire‘s new season. In The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent cover story on the drama, the asking price for a 30-second spot in the Sept. 23 premiere was revealed to be a staggering $750,000. And the rest of the season will see the same amount of time going for as much as $600,000. (That’s in the range of peak American Idol.)