From Bad To Worse: Kobe Bryant Air Balls Layup At Madison Square Garden [Video]

Kobe mad

Kobe Bryant is experiencing a rather expected rough start to the 2015-2016 season which could be his final one. He has had some horrible shooting performances thus far and things don’t seem to be breaking in a good way for him. He and his Lakers visited Madison Square Garden last night for which could have been his final performance in the legendary arena where some of the biggest athletes in history have often enjoyed putting on spectacular performances. Peep what Kobe did

There is one thing that seems to be undefeated in this journey that we call Life, and his name is FATHER TIME. Most of the greats have tried to outlast him but he seems to get the last laugh. Kobe Bryant went 6-19 from the field last night at the Garden and 2-10 from the 3-point-arc and even managed to air ball a layup that we’ve grown accustomed to watching him drain. Turn the page to see exactly what layup we’re talking about