Kendall Gill: “Kobe Took Every One of His Moves From Michael Jordan”


Former NBA swingman Kendall Gill is speaking on the Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant comparisons. Gill faced both basketball juggernauts. Peep Game


With Kobe Bryant now officially retired, it’s always intriguing to now hear stories from the Black Mamba’s career from guys who played against and with him.

It also means we get to hear the comparisons of Kobe and Michael Jordan. There’s no doubt who the better player was overall, but it’s interesting to compare their games straight from the guys who covered them.

One of those guys was 15-year NBA swingman and current CSN Bulls analyst Kendall Gill. He joined Brandon ‘Scoop B’ and I on the Brown and Scoop Podcast on CBS Radio’s Play.it network. He shined some light on the Kobe vs MJ comparison.

“He was a great player, but Kobe took every one of his moves and everything with it from Michael Jordan,” Gill told us. “He was a carbon copy of Michael Jordan. A lot of people debate who was better, Kobe or Michael, and even though Kobe was a great athlete, Michael was a phenomenal athlete. I think Kobe’s skill level was great, but Michael’s was greater. Michael was a little bit stronger than Kobe, a little bit faster.

“Kobe didn’t reinvent the wheel. He studied a lot of what Michael did and put a little bit of his own spin in it and became one of the greatest players that played the game. You can’t argue with that. Then when he leaves the game with 61, I mean who does that? He really put a stamp on his legacy when he did that.”

The biggest difference between the two?

“I think Kobe was a little bit better of a three-point shooter than Michael,” Gill said. “Michael was a much better defender than Kobe. I know Kobe made a lot of defensive teams and everything, but he wasn’t the same defensively as Michael. Michael could just flat out shut you down if he wanted to. I really didn’t get that sense when I played against Kobe.”

Gill then recounted a pretty hilarious MJ story. He recalled Jim Jackson giving it to Jordan while with the Nets and smack talking in the first half and then Michael turned it up. He looked down at Jim and said “you know Jimmy you’re talking a lot of stuff to have my shoes on.”

Mediaoutrage– Sounds accurate to me!