Khloe Kardashian Wants To Get Pregnant By James Harden



Khloe Kardashian wants to get knocked up by James Harden….

Via Radaronline:

An insider reveals that Kardashian has decided that Harden, 26, is the perfect man to sire her baby, and she’s certain she will get pregnant a lot easier with him than with her ex-husband, Lamar Odom.

“When she and Lamar were trying, everything was so stressful and she’s convinced that her emotional state had a big impact on her fertility,” the insider tells Radar.

“She now says it wasn’t meant to be, but that hasn’t stopped her from aching to be a mom and she and James both want kids so it’s a no-brainer that they’re not using protection,” adds the source.

Kardashian is intensely attracted to Harden, notes the insider, and the 31-year-old reality star thinks they would make beautiful kids together.

“Khloe’s hoping it will happen without having to go to any doctors,” says the insider, “but if they’re still on the same page with no success by Christmas, she’s dragging him to an IVF clinic.

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