Momma Dee Arrested

Mama dee

Momma Dee was put in those iron cuffs y’all…..

Via TheYBF:

According to reports, Momma Dee, mother of Lil Scrappy and “LAHH ATL” star, was arrested this weekend in Milwaukee for “fraud on inn keeper – nonpayment.”  What is that, you ask?  Fancy terminology for dinin’ & dashin’!

Yesterday morning, Dee was arrested and locked up for a few hours before posting $250 bail.  That was only half the dinner bill so we bet she regrets not double checking that thing was paid before she left.

According to TMZ, who also released her mugshot (above), the arrest stems from Dee’s birthday dinner at some Milwaukee location with family and friends.  Allegedly, when the $500 bill arrived, everyone left with the bill left unpaid!

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