Murder Rap: New Documentary Claims Diddy Had Tupac Killed

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Those pesky Tupac rumors just won’t fade to black for Diddy. A new documentary is alleging that Sean “Diddy” Combs has Tupac Shakur killed. Peep Game

Via AllHipHop:

I haven’t seen it, but a new documentary called “Murder Rap” has opened up some deep wounds. In the movie, they allege that Diddy had Tupac killed and Suge had Biggie murdered in retaliation. Now, we know Diddy has long maintained his innocence and the authorities have never come close to arresting the Bad Boy mogul. It seems like a lot of people saw this movie and immediately took it to Diddy on social media. Most people weren’t necessarily looking at him as guilty, but they certainly wanted him to address the allegations. I hope they are addressed too!

CLICK HERE to see a trailer of the documentary!