NBA’s Zach Randolph Charged With Intent To Sell Marijuana

NBA’s Zach Randolph has been charged with intent to sell weed…Yes let that sink it…a million dollar athlete thinking about selling drugs

Via TheWrap:

NBA veteran Zach Randolph was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession for sale, police told TheWrap.

The Sacramento Kings forward was one of two people arrested during a confrontation Wednesday night between LAPD and an unruly crowd in Watts, which resulted in damage to five police vehicles and one sheriff’s car.

Randolph, 36, was released Thursday morning on $20,000 bail, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told TheWrap. TMZ reportedthat he had two pounds of marijuana, though the LAPD would not confirm that amount to theWrap.

Randolph’s agent and attorney Raymond Brothers told The Associated Press on Thursday: “The charges are false and misleading … we’re looking at all options to resolve this matter.”

The disturbance started around 10 p.m. PT when officers on patrol near the Nickerson Gardens housing project on the south side of Los Angeles came across a group blocking the street, drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and playing loud music, ABC-7 reported.

As police tried to clear the crowd, people became more rowdy and began throwing rocks and bottles at the cop cars, police said. No officers were injured in the incident.