Petition To Remove Raven Symone From “The View” Circulating

Raven SYmone view

Raven Symone has become the enemy of people in general with her uncle tom comments every other damn day. Well, there’s now a petition circulating to remove her annoying ass from the View. Peep Game

Via Change.org:

Raven Symone has been spouting her ignorant and self hating spiel on the view for Long enough, from stating that she wouldn’t hire somebody for having a ghetto name, to openly complaining about reverse racism, the final straw was her comment about the recent viral video of the school police officer assaulting the student, where Raven Symone said “get off your phone in school then”. African Americans and black people around the diaspora need a voice representative of their views and not a voice representative of what white people want us to say. We need strong black rolemodels in prominent positions on television an Raven Symone cannot provide that. That is why I ask that we petition to remove her from The View.

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