Quincy Jones: “I Have 22 Girlfriends Who All Know Each Other”

Quincy Jones says he is still dating and has 22 girlfriends.


Quincy Jones Says He Has 22 Girlfriends And They All Know Each Other

The music mogul opened up about his wide-ranging romantic relationships during an interview with GQ posted on Monday, January 29. Jones, who has been married three times previously, revealed that he has “22 girlfriends.”

After adding that the ages range from “28 to 42,” which are made-up numbers to make his daughters feel that his girlfriends aren’t younger than them, he said that he’d never date a woman his own age.

“Hell no! You see me with an 84-year-old woman? Are you crazy?” he told the magazine.




  • So Quincy Jones at his old age has 22 girlfriends and i cant even get a steady man.. lmao