Reports Of Drake’s Generous McDonald’s Tips Were Greatly Exaggerated

Boy do we love a feel-good story but reports of Drake handing out $20k a piece to two McDonald’s employees during his late night fast food dash were greatly exaggerated.

Reports Of Drake’s Generosity To McDonald’s Employees Was Greatly Exaggerated

Via VanityFair:

On Saturday, a fan tweeted out a picture ofDrake at a McDonald’s counter talking to the employees, with the claim that Drake tipped two workers $10,000 each. It tore through the Internet, likely because it had all the elements of a feel-good viral news story. The solidarity between the haves and have-nots was too heartwarming—the generosity too great, the encounter too unexpected. Headlines about the rapper tipping $20,000 were unavoidable. Drake even posted a photo of himself at the restaurant with the caption “M’s,” as if nicknaming a close personal friend, which appeared to subtly confirm the story.

But alas, on Wednesday evening, CNN correspondentChloe Melas burst the gossip cycle’s bubble. To confirm the story, she called a representative for McDonald’s, who said that the workers received $100 each. Still very generous. Still money. But not a semester of college.