Swizz Beatz Unveils The Dean Collection For Art Basel

Swizz b

Swizz Beatz and the Dean Collection X Bacardi, kicked off the No Commission Art Fair at Art Basel Miami Beach in Wynwood at their VIP review. Lenny Kravitz and Mack Wilds were on hand or the event. Peep Game

Swizz a

Joining Swizz Beatz (founder of The Dean Collection) were visual artists in the show including Dustin Yellin, Gregory Siff, and Gabriel Dawe. 

Later in the evening, Swizz gave Lenny Kravitz and Mack Wilds a personal tour of the gallery which included introductions and hugs to the artists on site showcasing their work. 

The Wednesday night event kicked off a three-day immersive experience in Wynwood where art and music collide.  As a longstanding patron and with a heritage deeply rooted in the arts, Bacardi is serving as co-collaborator in bringing the creative vision of The Dean Collection to life through this innovative event.  Intended to showcase emerging artists alongside notable, A-List talent, BACARDÍ created a platform for artists to showcase their passions and feed their untameable spirit. 

No Commission is a contemporary art fair experience that was curated and conceptualized by The Dean Collection to forge a direct link between artists’ practices and art patronage.

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