Tyler Perry Donates $1 Million To Hurricane Harvey & Defends Joel Osteen

Tyler Perry took to video to defend his friend Joel Osteen against the barrage of criticism that he has received over the past few days since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Peep Game

Via Inquisitr:

Tyler Perry isn’t going to let haters get in his way of doing good deeds. The actor is defending Joel Osteen from critics who have slammed him for not opening his church to Hurricane Harvey victims. As a show of support, Tyler Perry is donating $250,000 to the megachurch pastor’s relief operations.

On Thursday, Tyler Perry announced on his Facebook page that he’s giving a total of $1 million to several Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas. One-fourth of Perry’s donation will be going to Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. According to theMadea actor and creator, he’s giving to the heavily slammed pastor because he knows that Osteen’s church will use it to truly help victims.

“Joel and Victoria are amazing people. There’s no way that they would lock people out of the church or not let people seek shelter. There were some safety concerns, I spoke to them over the phone and it all made perfect sense to me.”