Why I Choose To Marry A Russian Bride

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This is why some men choose to marry a Russian Bride….

When asked why I chose to marry a Russian bride rather than a woman from my own country, Ialways answer that it happened a little by accident. I wasn’t really looking for a bride of any particular nationality, I was just looking for someone to love. The concept of arranged marriages goes right back to when marriage began. Most cultures have believed in arranging marriages via a third party or a professional match-maker at some point in their history. However, it’s only recently that ‘mail-order brides’ have become an accepted way to find yourself a life-partner, with many men looking for brides from Asian countries, particularly in the FarEast.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new market opened up for Western men and, coupled with the spread of the internet, it became very easy to find Russian brides who were looking for husbands from the West. To cope with the demand for Russian brides there has been a rapid increase in the number of Russian marriage agencies springing up to match potential partners. In fact, when I first started looking online I was overwhelmed at the choice; there must be 200 or more, with pages and pages of beautiful Russian brides. However, by narrowing down my search to a reputable marriage agency such as the marriage agency Nataly
I started to feel more comfortable about the whole
thing. But why do many men choose to date Russian women?
Based on my reasons and experience, I think men choose to date and marry Russian women because these women are actively seeking partners from the West, and they are prepared to work hard to make sure that their partnership is successful. Of course, as with any relationship, there is a chance that things will go wrong, but that’s no reason not to give it a try. In my case, I’d come out of a failed relationship and I was feeling that my romance life was going
nowhere. To cope with the breakup I’d thrown myself into my career which left me very little time for going out, let alone dating, and I was never in a position to meet someone new. So I decided to try online dating. After several lack lustre experiences with local sites, I came across Russian dating sites and was immediately intrigued. To cut a long story short, I corresponded with several women before deciding to meet the lady who was to become my wife. She was eager to make a new life in the West, she wanted a man who would look after her and provide for her, but she also wanted to look after me, contribute to the household and have her own career. Of course, I find her very attractive and lovable too, which are vital parts of any relationship for me. So far things are working out well for both of us. To be honest, sometimes we do have to put in a little extra effort to overcome the cultural differences, but I feel that it’s been worth it, and would heartily recommend Russian dating sites as a way to find your life partner.